Monday, February 04, 2013


This must be my third round of Stupid DJ Tricks, but the hits just keep coming. I must share in hopes that further idiocy can be averted.  I have more than a weeks worth, but I'll limit myself to just one per day for the week. Brace yourselves.

Back in 2007 Bobby Brown (aka Robert Barisford) was arrested in Massachusetts for  unpaid child support payments and failing to appear in court . This was not new.  In June 2004, Brown had been sentenced to 90 days in prison for missing three months of child support payments. That was waived when he paid the tab. But by 2007 he was back in hock and was re-arrested. In that era Brown was being lampooned on SNL as a jealous, verbally abusive, philandering cocaine-addicted drunk... which by all reports wasn't much of an exaggeration. More here.

So 99.5 WIHT in Washington, D.C. took a look at Mr. Brown and thought that thsi was a guy they wanted working at their radio station. The Kane Show, the syndicated morning program on WIHT decided they'd like Bobby Brown on their show for a week! So they offered to pay his tab and his court fees to make that happen. The grand total was $19,150. But, when it came time to deliver, Brown was unreliable. According to
"Brown did call the morning program...but hung up after 10 minutes after getting into an argument with the host over whether he would discuss his child support woes and his actual agreement with the station...the two engaged in a lengthy argument over Brown's alleged agreement to appear on the show and he hung up."

The station's website later said in part: "Hot 99.5 and Bobby Brown's Attorney have mutually decided that this wasn't in their best interest and Bobby's attorney has agreed to return the money to Hot 99.5."