Thursday, January 03, 2013


 I wish I knew more about these. They are replacement sleeves, intended just to replace ruined or lost sleeves. I use blank promo sleeves when I need one so the notion of commercially selling branded sleeves struck me as odd, perhaps even arcane as it were. The promotional text on the back actually reads "these valuable printed works of art on RE-JAK-IT are suitable for framing to beautify your home." Note: I am not the first blogger to encounter one.

They had three different designs, themed for Popular, Classical and Psychedelic. The Psychedelic ones came in four different groovy color schemes. Someone actually some some still in the original plastic on eBay recently. The manufacturer was Globe Albums, Inc. located on Gilpin avenue Happauge, New York.  That's actually in an industrial park off the Long Island Expressway. the company still existed as late as 1972. Billboard listed them that year in a directory of packaging and labeling companies in New York. Interestingly most of the references I find are from UK sites. It appears from this slim information that globe handled more international sales than domestic. On that same street today is Samson Technologies, who does some audio production for radio... but I doubt that there is any connection.


KoHoSo said...

While I cannot say I remember that specific brand, as somebody that started his record collection as a very young boy, I certainly remember replacement sleeves. I had to buy a couple of packs of them over the years before I got into radio myself and, like you, then had plenty of free promo sleeves to use. At least in California (both north and south) before CDs almost completely took over, they were available at record stores and departments until at least the mid-1980s. However, at least at the location I worked at, when I was with Tower Records in the mid 1990s, they were not carried. The ones I recall most strongly had a zebra-stripe design in various colors similar to the psychedelic ones you posted. I preferred to go more plainly (and, cheaply) with the standard white but the clear plastic over the hole so the label could be read through it.

jose fritz said...

I'm always buying paper sleeves and poly bags.. but I never seem to run out of plain white jackets.

...speaking of Which.. I wish I could find some for my 6.5" acetates. The odd size seems to be impossible to find.