Friday, January 04, 2013

Radio Free Nashville Jumps

It was only this December that the radio program "Nashville Jumps" wrapped it's last broadcast from the studios of WRFN. After being ousted from WRVU along with the whole student body, I thought host Pete Wilson had found a new home at WRFN. He wrote the following only a few weeks ago:
"I've decided to retire from my WRFN radio show, Nashville Jumps, after the Dec. 13 (Thursday, 8 to 10 PM) broadcast. As I said in a post on the Jumps fan page: This may turn out to be a Brett Favre-like retirement, but right now I don’t anticipate a return in the near future. I have enjoyed doing Nashville Jumps, on both WRVU and Radio Free Nashville, since January 2000, and I will miss it. But I also think it is time to call this effort complete and look back on it with pleasure. While I appreciate the hospitality of Radio Free Nashville, doing Jumps has honestly never felt the same to me since WRVU died on June 7, 2011. I am grateful to have been able to continue the show for over a year longer--with two breaks, one between WRVU’s demise and my September debut on WRFN, and another from March to August 2012 because of my mother’s illness and death--but I find that I miss WRVU more and more as time goes on, to the point that it makes me sad. I’m starting to get a little burnt out and I believe it may be time to pursue another hobby or two. I am very grateful to everyone who listened to the show, at WRVU or WRFN, live or from archives, and to everyone who supported me on Facebook. I hope you’ll listen to the final show on Dec. 13. I’ll play songs that I think are among the best from the repertoire. Thanks again to everyone. (If you haven't listened to WRFN yet but would like to, see the attached link to their home page. Unfortunately WRFN is a very low-power station and can be heard only in parts of Nashville's west edge, but there are links down the right side of the page that you can use to listen online."
He will be missed senor.