Friday, January 25, 2013

The Aerovox Research Worker

This little Newsletter was published from the late 1920s until at least the 1960s. The two I've scanned below are from 1929. Issue 12 from Vol. 24 is online here. You can see the a list of about 70 issues available at  the reference library at the Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation here.

I have scanned two issues from the public domain for your reading pleasure

Aerovox  manufactured capacitors for decades. They were founded in March of 1922 as the Radiola Wireless Corporation, which made radios. They changed their name to Aerovox in 1932. Interestingly, the Aerovox branding had been used on certain components as early as 1922.  That makes it all the more peculiar they'd continue to use a brand name they knew was in conflict. They had some problems with RCA since they had started using the same branding on some of their radios as early as January 1922. So the Aerovox name change was inevitable.

Aerovox  got sued in Massachusetts for PCB pollution. The site is still undergoing superfund clean up in today. More here, here and here.  In June 1973, the Aerovox assets were sold to Belleville Co. and a subsidiary named AVX was spun off.  Belleville waited a two years and change their name back to Aerovox. The new Aerovox switched to non-PCB capacitos in 1979.  They were basically just trying to dodge clean up liability. Aerovox is still making capacitors today, thought now they're manufactured in China.