Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #150

This is a 6.5" diameter 78-rpm, metal core Wilcox-gay Recordio. It's labeled "White Christmas, Betty F.S."  the other side just says "SCRAP."   The scrap side has a recording of some Spanish orchestra with intermittent break-ins by some woman warming up her singing voice. This is no edit, this was just efficient use of what must have been a junk disc.

Betty White Christmas

But the quality of even the A side is lacking.  The groove walls of the disc are thin, and the grooves shallow leading to an almost intractable skate problem. I manually dealt with the worst parts, leveled the audio, removed pops and reduced the nose floor and it's still rough. But it's a Christmas classic, and this is Christmas day. The date and all else remain unknown.