Friday, August 24, 2012

Epilogue, Issue no. 3

I was thinking about how rare radio 'zines are today. [more here] They didn't used to be, but there are only a scant few remaining today. The only one I am aware of are Electric Radio still run by  Ray Osterwald, the radio 'zine Paper Radio by DJ Frederick, and perhaps Nostalgia Digest... albeit in a somewhat broader context. Sure, there are hobbyist magazines, and technical trade magazines but what we're lacking are print publications for radio listeners. It's become a niche, and even the back issues are becoming rare and uncollected. Many will be lost forever. So with that in mind I intend to scan and share more of my collection to preserve what might otherwise be lost. This issue is particularly interesting because it notes the 'Final Mutterings' section the debut of the NPR network.
"An item of interest was reported a few days ago by a national news service: 'A live, non-commercial radio network will begin operation May 3 with the hook up of 90 stations across the country." The article goes on to explain this network is financed by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting... and though it will start primarily with news, it will eventually develop a 'full day of cultural attractions, including [sic] dramas, symphony orchestras and operas'."

Below is Issue #3 of "Epilogue" printed  January 15th 1971. (or maybe not. All the text ahead of it refers to April of that year... but also that it's running late.) The introduction names the editor as George Jennings and also that the prior issue only had a circulation of 150 copies. There were only 4 issues of this short-lived publication according to the bibliography of the essay Return With Us Now: Rise of the Old Time Radio Hobby by Ryan Ellet here.  It's full reach is uncertain but in a 1980 newsletter "Hello Again" by Jay Hickerson both Jennings and Epilogue were still being mentioned together. More here. The paper Epilogue is printed on is what I'd today call construction paper. It's very heavy but aging poorly and brittle. Despite the discoloration and the crumbling the scan is completely readable and all the content is intact. Enjoy.

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