Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reddit Is Mighty

Arcane Radio Trivia had the benefit of a link from Reddit today. Subsequently  its web traffic today has exceeded the combined traffic from of last three months. (Maybe more, the days' not over.) That link is here along with hundreds of comments.  The Reddit page links to a 2009 post I wrote about Peter Tripp's 1959 two hundred hour wake-a-thon in Times Square. At the bottom of the post I had linked to a page I maintain listing off all print-cited DJ wake-a-thon records. That second page is a work in progress. I add records as I find them in my research. It too benefited from that single link.

All this exciting web traffic has completely rearranged the stats on this blog. There's certainly some random cross traffic from new readers giving things the look around. since it occupied my attention, I decided to share a bit. Below are my top posts of all time as of this evening. This is defined as web traffic from May 2008 through June 2012. All page view numbers are rounded off since they're always changing anyway.

200 hours of Peter Tripp -  63,100
Barn Storming and Barn Dancing - 2,350
DJ Marathon Stay-Awake Records - 1,800
Pig Virus Kevin Metheny - 1,500
Career Academy School of Famous Broadcasters - 1,450
Vacuum Tubes and Thallium - 703
Fractal Antenna - 650
The Cancer Inside Wikipedia - 500
Early Police Band Radio - 450
The Record Player - 350
WHTG is dead, long live Indie 103 - 400