Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #127

This is a Voice-O-Graph disc from May 11th 1947.  It has an outer-edge start and is recorded at 78 rpm. The disc is similar to the ones in my Labelography under the category "Red on Beige." It fits nicely in that batch chronologically as well, between 1946 - 1948. I still debate whether or not the Red-on-Unbleached disc is of the same or a slightly different make. This disc does not add to that discussion.

 Black Magic

The recording is of a woman singing "Black Magic" accapella. The whole recording is barely a minute long. I edited a couple pops and cleaned up the noise a bit. No heavy processing was required thankfully. Judy Garland recorded the song in 1942, the same year it was published, which is probably the version that inspired this rendition, despite the 5-year gap.