Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #100

This is a Wilcox-gay Recordio acetate. It has an outer edge starts and spins at 78 rpm. This is not a typical home recording in that it's been stamped across the label with the name of a business "Rowden Radio." The text reads " -SALES AND SERVICE - ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES - RADIO - PHILGAS STOVES - BOTTLED GAS - PHONE 16 - AUBURN, MICHIGAN."  Below that the word "radio" is written in pencil. the recording turns out to be a band scan, a very strange noisy one.

Rowden Radio

The audio hops from channel to channel with vocals, news and an array of AM band noise. Lacking an address I cant look up much about the business. Rowden is surely a surname and if not the proprietor probably the founder.