Monday, February 13, 2012

Lectures From OEJRC (Part 2)

Last summer I scanned and posted a pdf from a history lecture aired on WOSU-AM in 1935. That post is here. It was a part of the OEJRC (Ohio Junior Emergency Radio College) program at Ohio University. This lecture is in Spanish and admittedly I barely understand a word of it.

It's author was Professor William Samuel Hendrix, one can hope it is some forefather of the infamous 60s guitarist... but I doubt it. According to the The Modern Language Journal of 1937 the course was taught in 1934- 1936 at 10:30 in the morning by radio over WOSU. Similar classes continued until at least 1942. Hendrix appears in the Ohio State course catalog at least as early as 1918, and I found a copyright for a first Spanish text book dating to 1923. By 1935 Hendrix was  the head of the foreign language department at Ohio State U. He later went to to be the chairman of the Radio Committee for the National Federation of Modern Language Teachers.

The lecturer was Demetrio Cabarga, he wrote of his involvement in  The Modern Language Journal but other documents just describe him as a Spanish language instructor. He is however listed later in a 1943 issue of Printer's Ink as having also worked at Mississippi State U. Crosley International and WLWO. If you remember, WLWO was a commercial short wave station owned by Crosley. It broadcast Voice Of America (VOA) in Spanish, English and Portuguese into South America. They did air advertising, but really the bills were paid by the U.S. government in return for airing WWII propaganda. It's a fascinating story I'll write about another day. More here.

by Prof. Arthur H. Noyes