Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Transcription Mystery Disc #108

That is not a helpful label.The only marking on either side is the single word in large letters "Void." It gives the impression of a bad take or a dead mic, or a blank disc I always get curious about discs like these. This one turns out not to be blank. It has a comedian named Mortimer and a little piano work as well. But the noise on that is abominable.

The opposite side is all piano and vocal but the speed is...odd. At 78 rpm the vocals sound like chipmunks, but even as slow as 33 it sounds off. I have not satisfied with this one but I cannot accept that it was recorded slower than 33 rpm. Throughout this side of the disc, there are several interruptions where you can hear the sound of a tape jump. I suspect that this side is made of different takes from tape and some are dubbed at the wrong speeds, hence the irregularities.

It ends with someone humming and what sounds like a a baby cooing. . Then someone says "say goodbye folks" and it ends abruptly after a few more bars of piano.