Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Transcription Mystery Disc #106

Phonozoic refers to this variant of Wilcox-Gay recordio as a Type 3A variant 1.  His disc, and mine both date to 1947. For once I have a disc with a date written on it: 02-22-1947. It is a paper core disc that spins at 78 rpm and starts at the outer edge. It has two short tracks on each side. Most of the tracks contain nothing but room noise and motor noise. But there are bits that tell a story.


The first side is a man trying to goad his wife into recording something. She does not. She starts with "hello mama" and quickly loses her nerve. But on the second side he harasses his kid, and the kid, is not nearly as coy. You can hear the man asking about "Artie King" and the kid keeps shouting "no!" things degenerate from there.