Thursday, December 29, 2011

JACSPAC Radio Facility Charts

It says restricted across the top and bottom in italics. This is surely totally unclassified now, after all, I bought it on eBay. restricted is one of the 5 official types of government security classifications: Top Secret, Secret, Confidential, Restricted, and Unclassified. It was not available to the public, and that's about the only limitation that it's circulation had. Nonetheless, there is little information online about JACSPAC radio facilities, so I've scanned this for future research.

The acronym JACSPAC stands for Joint Airways Communications System Pacific Ocean Areas. I've tried several times but I can't make the initials spell JACSPAC, at least not in that order. *UPDATE: Dave at the Radio Heritage Foundation solved the Acronym puzzle: Joint Airways Communications Systems PACific. It was a WWII project, an array of radio navigation points. It was operated by the AACS (Army Airways Communications System.) Hard dates are hard to come by but AACS was founded in 1938 and was renamed the Air Force Communications Service (AFCS) in 1961. In 1979 it changed to Air Force Communications Command (AFCC.)  It exists today under that acronym. Their alumni association has a website here.

Stations in the network included:  WZJ (Hickam), KVM (Honolulu), WYVK (Christmas Is.), WYVA (Canton Is.) WVJW (Penrhyn Is.), WVJD (Aitutaki Is.), WVNE (Tarawa), WYVB (Nandi), ZKV (Tongatabu Is.), NXO (Bora Bora Is.), WYVM (Guadalcanal Is.) WYVQ (Espiritu Santo Is.) WYVC (Tontouta Airdrome), ZLG (Norfolk Is.), WYVE (Bougainville Is.) WXXT (Finschhafan N.G.) VZMO (Los Negros Is.) WZPS (Morotai Is.) WZPT (Biak Is.) ...and dozens of others.  Stations noted in their Time Tick Schedule included: NPM (Honolulu), NPG (San Francisco), NSS (Washington), WTO (Brisbane), WXXU (Manila), and WWV (Washington DC)

The best part is that starting on page 26 the previous owner of the maps made hand corrections in quill pen where certain navigation beacons were inoperative, on other frequencies, or using other station IDs. Enjoy.

You can download all 67 MB