Thursday, October 06, 2011

WNWT-AM Crosses State Lines

Today 1520 WNWT-AM airs satellite fed K-Love programming. It's a zombie by my definition. But it didn't used to be. Prior to April of 2009 they had real programming and everything. And sometimes before that they also had a very anachronistic transmitter set up. WNWT-AM had two transmitters. On it's own that's fairly common for an AM station. With the need to power down and/or go directional at night this is something we see regularly on the AM band. What we don't' normally see is the tower sites being in two different states.

It's a bit anachronistic. Daytime broadcasts were from a set of towers located at 6695 Jackman Road in Ida, Michigan. to be fair it was less than a mile over the border. The night broadcasts were from a row of 6 towers along I-75 in Perrysburg, Ohio. These arrays were almost 20 miles apart on opposite sides of the Toledo market. Today it broadcasts 24/7 from a row of 5 towers in Perrysburg Township, but now it's off Township Hwy 102. They run 500 watts daytime, 400 watts nighttime. They also have an Fm translator, W281AL on 104.1 Pictures here.

Back then the station was WDMN.  They changed hands in July of  2008, ending their "Dominion 1520" format under Cornerstone Church. EMF ran it as a talker for a while with a splash of smooth jazz. Then in  July of that year came the call change to WNWT-AM. Cornerstone had tried to run the station with gospel, and christian con previously. More here.

But prior to that they were a WJR-AM simulcast as WANR-AM... an Urban station as WVOI...  a country station as WTTU...and back in the 1950s they were a serious Top 40 station as WTTO-AM. It was another "Boss" branded pop station. But like the other stations of that ilk... it didn't last forever just till 1973 when they started using the bizarre branding "W-15-2" and became the aforementioned WTTU.