Friday, August 12, 2011

Hot Buttered WNAX

570 WNAX-AM first signed on in 1922, and are coming up on their 90th anniversary.  It was purchased by the Gurney's Seed and Nursery Company in 1926, hence the appearance of all the Gurneys in this pamphlet. Gurneys in this case were administrators, musicians, singers and performers. The Better Butter Ballads pamphlet was printed in 1930, the same year as their Radio Digest award for most popular radio station. It's also a rare piece of anti-margarine propaganda. Allow me to quote:
"Thus full of germs, and maybe worms 
It lies there rank, and fusing 
As Coco oil, they're using 
Yes, Coco oil, to form the base 
Of margarine in making 
And do not worry of the case 
of farmers they are breaking"
It goes on like that for several more equally riveting verses. I had no idea such a movement existed, but the booklet includes several anti-margarine ballads. I guess if you were a dairy farmer in the great depression, margarine was the enemy more than any commie.
So here they are: 38 pages of black and white anti-margarine, pro-WNAX propaganda. It includes lyrics, and black & white pictures of various Gurney family members. The file is 27.5 MB. Enjoy