Thursday, July 14, 2011

FCC Station Class Codes

This is a bit dry and technical, but it's relevant to understand the jargon we throw around.Every license class has it's requirements. You're all probably familiar with the AM and FM class codes. The basic requirements for those are as follows:

Class A FM radio stations: operate at up to 6,000 watts @100 meters
Class B1 FM radio stations: operate at up to 25,000 Watts @ 100 meters
Class B FM radio stations: operate at up to 50,000 Watts @150 meters
Class C3 FM radio stations: operate at up to 25,000 Watts @ 100 meters
Class C2 FM radio stations: operate at up to 50,000 Watts @ 150 meters
Class C1 FM radio stations: operate at up to 100,000 Watts @ 299 meters
Class C0 FM radio stations: operate at up to 100,000 Watts @ 450 meters
Class C FM radio stations: operate at up to 100,000 Watts @ 600 meters

Classes of AM stations are defined differently, with consideration for hours of operation and the different stages in which the band was extended. More here.

Class A radio stations: operate 24/7on a clear channel at no less than 1,000 watts and more more than  50,000 watts.
Class B radio stations: operate 24/7 at no less than 250 watts and no more than 5,000 watts. If it operates in the expanded band (1610 to 1700 kHz), the maximum power is 10,000 watts.
Class C radio stations: operate 24/7 on a local channel at no less than 250 watts and no more than 1,000 watts. (There are some Class C stations that are grandfathered in at up to 100,000 watts.)
Class D radio stations: These can operate 24/7 or pat time but only with a power less than 250 watts and an equivalent RMS antenna field less than 141 mV/m at 1 km for the actual power.

But then there are the class codes that are used less often. FB base transmitters are a bit pedestrian and the FX fixed relays are pretty common as well. But every single licensed transmitter has a license class. So the traffic stations, the park service stations, search and rescue,  and radiolocation transmitters all have their own license class. Maybe it's a bit overkill. The list is quite long and even I don't recognize all of them, but here is everything else:

AOX Operational Fixed
APC Alaska Public
APX Alaska Private
APX2 Alaska Private (Temporary)
AX Aeronautical Fixed
AX1 Aeronautical Fixed (Mobile)
AX2 Aeronautical Fixed (Temporary)
DGP Differential GPS
ELT1 ELT Test (Mobile)
FA Aeronautical Enroute
FA1 Aeronautical Enroute (Mobile)
FA2 Aeronautical Enroute (Temporary)
FAA Aeronautical Advisory (Unicom)
FAA1 Aeronautical Advisory (Unicom) (Mobile)
FAA2 Aeronautical Advisory (Unicom) (Temporary)
FAB Automatic Weather Observation
FAC Airport Control Tower
FAS Aviation Support Instructional
FAS1 Aviation Support Instructional (Mobile)
FAT Flight Test
FAT1 Flight Test (Mobile)
FAT3 Flight Test (Itinerant)
FB Base
FB2 Mobile Relay
FB2C Mobile Relay With Interconnect
FB2I Mobile Relay (Itinerant)
FB2J Mobile Relay (Temporary) With Interconnect
FB2K Mobile Relay (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FB2L Mobile Relay (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FB2S Mobile Relay (Stand-by)
FB2T Mobile Relay (Temporary)
FB4 Community Repeater
FB4C Community Repeater With Interconnect
FB4I Community Repeater (Itinerant)
FB4J Community Repeater (Temporary) With Interconnect
FB4K Community Repeater (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FB4L Community Repeater (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FB4S Community Repeater (Stand-by)
FB4T Community Repeater (Temporary)
FB6 Private Carrier (profit)
FB6C Private Carrier (profit) With Interconnect
FB6I Private Carrier (profit) (Itinerant)
FB6J Private Carrier (profit) (Temporary) With Interconnect
FB6K Private Carrier (profit) (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FB6L Private Carrier (profit) (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FB6S Private Carrier (profit) (Stand-by)
FB6T Private Carrier (profit) (Temporary)
FB7 Private Carrier (non-profit)
FB7C Private Carrier (non-profit) With Interconnect
FB7I Private Carrier (non-profit) (Itinerant)
FB7J Private Carrier (non-profit) (Temporary) With Interconnect
FB7K Private Carrier (non-profit) (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FB7L Private Carrier (non-profit) (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FB7S Private Carrier (non-profit) (Stand-by)
FB7T Private Carrier (non-profit) (Temporary)
FB8 Centralized Trunk Relay
FB8C Centralized Trunk Relay With Interconnect
FB8I Centralized Trunk Relay (Itinerant)
FB8J Centralized Trunk Relay (Temporary) With Interconnect
FB8K Centralized Trunk Relay (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FB8L Centralized Trunk Relay (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FB8S Centralized Trunk Relay (Stand-by)
FB8T Centralized Trunk Relay (Temporary)
FBA Small Base
FBAC Small Base With Interconnect
FBAI Small Base (Itinerant)
FBAJ Small Base (Temporary) With Interconnect
FBAK Small Base (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FBAL Small Base (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FBAS Small Base (Stand-by)
FBAT Small Base (Temporary)
FBC Base With Interconnect
FBGS Ground
FBI Base (Itinerant)
FBJ Base (Temporary) With Interconnect
FBK Base (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FBL Base (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FBS Base (Stand-by)
FBSI Air-ground Signaling
FBST Standby
FBT Base (Temporary)
FC Public Coast
FC2 Public Coast (Temporary)
FCA Marine Support-Testing & Training
FCA2 Marine Support-Testing & Training (Temporary)
FCL Private Coast
FCL2 Private Coast (Temporary)
FCU Marine Utility
FCU1 Marine Utility (Mobile)
FLT Auxilary Test
FLTC Auxilary Test With Interconnect
FLTI Auxilary Test (Itinerant)
FLTJ Auxilary Test (Temporary) With Interconnect
FLTK Auxilary Test (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FLTL Auxilary Test (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FLTS Auxilary Test (Stand-by)
FLTT Auxilary Test (Temporary)
FLU Aviation Support Service
FLU1 Aviation Support Service (Mobile)
FMA1 Aircraft Flight Test Station
FX Fixed
FX1 Control
FX1C Control With Interconnect
FX1I Control (Itinerant)
FX1J Control (Temporary) With Interconnect
FX1K Control (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FX1L Control (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FX1S Control (Stand-by)
FX1T Control (Temporary)
FX2 Fixed Relay
FX2C Fixed Relay With Interconnect
FX2I Fixed Relay (Itinerant)
FX2J Fixed Relay (Temporary) With Interconnect
FX2K Fixed Relay (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FX2L Fixed Relay (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FX2S Fixed Relay (Stand-by)
FX2T Fixed Relay (Temporary)
FX3 Secondary Fixed
FX3C Secondary Fixed With Interconnect
FX3I Secondary Fixed (Itinerant)
FX3J Secondary Fixed (Temporary) With Interconnect
FX3K Secondary Fixed (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FX3L Secondary Fixed (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FX3S Secondary Fixed (Stand-by)
FX3T Secondary Fixed (Temporary)
FX5 Temporary Fixed
FXC Fixed With Interconnect
FXCO Central Office
FXCT Control
FXDI Dispatch
FXI Fixed (Itinerant)
FXIO Inter-office
FXJ Fixed (Temporary) With Interconnect
FXK Fixed (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FXL Fixed (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FXO Operational Fixed
FXOC Operational Fixed With Interconnect
FXOI Operational Fixed (Itinerant)
FXOJ Operational Fixed (Temporary) With Interconnect
FXOK Operational Fixed (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FXOL Operational Fixed (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FXOS Operational Fixed (Stand-by)
FXOT Operational Fixed (Temporary)
FXRP Repeater
FXRX Fixed Relay
FXS Fixed (Stand-by)
FXSB Fixed Subscriber
FXT Fixed (Temporary)
FXTS Auxiliary Test
FXV CTS Exceeding 20'
FXW CTS Meeting 20'
FXY Interzone
FXYC Interzone With Interconnect
FXYI Interzone (Itinerant)
FXYJ Interzone (Temporary) With Interconnect
FXYK Interzone (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FXYL Interzone (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FXYS Interzone (Stand-by)
FXYT Interzone (Temporary)
FXZ Zone
FXZC Zone With Interconnect
FXZI Zone (Itinerant)
FXZJ Zone (Temporary) With Interconnect
FXZK Zone (Stand-by) With Interconnect
FXZL Zone (Itinerant) With Interconnect
FXZS Zone (Stand-by)
FXZT Zone (Temporary)
GCO Ground Communications Outlet
LR Radiolocation Land
LRC Radiolocation Land With Interconnect
LRI Radiolocation Land (Itinerant)
LRJ Radiolocation Land (Temporary) With Interconnect
LRK Radiolocation Land (Stand-by) With Interconnect
LRL Radiolocation Land (Itinerant) With Interconnect
LRS Radiolocation Land (Stand-by)
LRT Radiolocation Land (Temporary)
MFL Aeronautical Multicom
MFL1 Aeronautical Multicom (Mobile)
MFL2 Aeronautical Multicom (Temporary)
MFX Marine Ops Fixed
MFX2 Marine Ops Fixed (Temporary)
MLSB CB Station Class Code
MO Mobile
MO3 Mobile/Vehicular Repeater
MO3C Mobile/Vehicular Repeater With Interconnect
MO3I Mobile/Vehicular Repeater (Itinerant)
MO3J Mobile/Vehicular Repeater (Temporary) With Interconnect
MO3K Mobile/Vehicular Repeater (Stand-by) With Interconnect
MO3L Mobile/Vehicular Repeater (Itinerant) With Interconnect
MO3S Mobile/Vehicular Repeater (Stand-by)
MO3T Mobile/Vehicular Repeater (Temporary)
MO5 Mobile & Temporary Fixed
MO6 Private Carrier Mobile Operation (profit)
MO6C Private Carrier Mobile Operation (profit) With Interconnect
MO6I Private Carrier Mobile Operation (profit) (Itinerant)
MO6J Private Carrier Mobile Operation (profit) (Temporary) With Interconnect
MO6K Private Carrier Mobile Operation (profit) (Stand-by) With Interconnect
MO6L Private Carrier Mobile Operation (profit) (Itinerant) With Interconnect
MO6S Private Carrier Mobile Operation (profit) (Stand-by)
MO6T Private Carrier Mobile Operation (profit) (Temporary)
MO7 Private Carrier Mobile Operation (non-profit)
MO7C Private Carrier Mobile Operation (non-profit) With Interconnect
MO7I Private Carrier Mobile Operation (non-profit) (Itinerant)
MO7J Private Carrier Mobile Operation (non-profit) (Temporary) With Interconnect
MO7K Private Carrier Mobile Operation (non-profit) (Stand-by) With Interconnect
MO7L Private Carrier Mobile Operation (non-profit) (Itinerant) With Interconnect
MO7S Private Carrier Mobile Operation (non-profit) (Stand-by)
MO7T Private Carrier Mobile Operation (non-profit) (Temporary)
MO8 Centralized Trunk Mobile
MO8C Centralized Trunk Mobile with Interconnect
MO8I Centralized Trunk Mobile (Itinerant)
MO8J Centralized Trunk Mobile (Temporary) with Interconnect
MO8K Centralized Trunk Mobile (Stand-by) with Interconnect
MO8L Centralized Trunk Mobile (Itinerant) with Interconnect
MO8S Centralized Trunk Mobile (Stand-by)
MO8T Centralized Trunk Mobile (Temporary)
MOC Mobile with Interconnect
MOI Mobile (Itinerant)
MOJ Mobile with (Temporary) with Interconnect
MOK Mobile with (Stand-by) with Interconnect
MOL Mobile with (Itinerant) with Interconnect
MOS Mobile (Stand-by)
MOT Mobile (Temporary)
MOU1 Aeronautical Utility Mobile
MR Radiolocation Mobile
MRT Marine Receiver Test
MRT2 Marine Receiver Test (Temporary)
MSC Shore Radar Test
MSC2 Shore Radar Test (Temporary)
MSR Shore Radionavigation
MSR2 Shore Radionavigation (Temporary)
RCO Remote Communications Outlet
RLA Aeronautical Marker Beacon
RLA1 Aeronautical Marker Beacon (Mobile)
RLA2 Aeronautical Marker Beacon (Temporary)
RLB Aeronautical Radio Beacon
RLB1 Aeronautical Radio Beacon (Mobile)
RLB2 Aeronautical Radio Beacon (Temporary)
RLC Shore Radiolocation Test
RLC2 Shore Radiolocation Test (Temporary)
RLD Radar/Radar Test
RLD1 Radar/Radar Test (Mobile)
RLD2 Radar/Radar Test (Temporary)
RLG Glide Path (Slope)
RLG1 Glide Path (Slope) (Mobile)
RLG2 Glide Path (Slope) (Temporary)
RLL Localizer
RLL1 Localizer (Mobile)
RLL2 Localizer (Temporary)
RLO Omnidirectional Radio Range
RLO1 Omnidirectional Radio Range (Mobile)
RLO2 Omnidirectional Radio Range (Temporary)
RLR Shore Radiolocation/Racon
RLR2 Shore Radiolocation/Racon (Temporary)
RLT Radionavigation Land Test
RLT1 Radionavigation Land Test (Mobile)
RLT2 Radionavigation Land Test - Temporary
RNV Radionavigation Land
RNV1 Radionavigation Land (Mobile)
RNV2 Radionavigation Land (Temporary)
RPC Ramp Control
SAR Search And Rescue
SAR1 Search And Rescue (Mobile)
WDX Radiolocation Weather Radar
WDXT Radiolocation Weather Radar (Temporary)