Wednesday, June 08, 2011

WRVU Is Dead

You've probably heard by now but if you hadn't... WRVU is dead. Vanderbilt Student Communications (VSC) has ripped the station out from under the actual students. Whether they approached WPLN for the sale or they approached VSC we may never know but the students only became suspicious when the call letters changed Monday.the way he handled it is a disgrace to the University. VSC sold a student property built and run with students tuition money,  then sold it for one time cash, like a junky trying to scrape up the money for an 8-ball. The sale price was 3.6 million. I'm sure somebody got a nice fat bonus check. More here.

The disgrace is that VSC told the students nothing. They knew it would be unwelcome, that it was wrong and that there would be resistance. So they acted clandestinely. In the Fall of last year there were rumors that VSC was open to selling the 60-year-old 91.1 WRVU. There was no more news until Monday June 6th. The call sign change to WFCL popped up unexpectedly Monday morning in the FCC database. The DJs on air used the wrong station ID for most of the day because they were not informed.

Then Tuesday afternoon the DJ on air was told that there was "urgent equipment maintenance" and hurried out the door... which they then locked behind him. This is pure sleaze. Those kids pay $38,952 a year [source] to be treated like this? What gall.  Below is a clip of the last WRVU-FM disc jockey on the program Rock N' Roll Control making his last announcement on the way out the door forever.

WRVU:  June 7th 2011 - 2:56 PM