Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Transcription Mystery Disc #27

It's nice when there's at least a hint. A totally unlabeled disc is really difficult, sometimes impossible to identify. This 7-inch Recordisc as no labeling on either side of the disc. But the sleeve bears a name in pencil "Texas Jim Robertson."  The disc has some delamination at the center, and it has pulled away from the outer edge creating a void three inches long. Being an outer edge start disc it makes playback especially difficult.

Texas Jim Robertson lied about his age. He was born in 1909, but his later biographies claimed 1916. Nonetheless he died in 1966 which puts a firm top end on the possible age of the recording. True to his name he was from Batesville, Texas and recorded for Bluebird, RCA, and Montgomery Ward. that big catalog gives a wide basis for comparison.

This recording is obviously live and breaks into live radio chit chat after the song sends. I have no identified the tune, and it does not appear to be in his catalog. Being that thsi is from my stack of WFIL-AM transcriptions I'll assume again that this is from one of his performances on the Hayloft Hoedown. there's a little bit of conjecture there, but every time one of these discs is individually connected to this program, it validates collective association.