Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Trancription Mystery Disc #103

This is a typical 78 rpm Voice-O-Graph disc. It's condition looks worse than it is. The grooves are relatively clean and free-of wear, but it's cracked, four times. By playing it back slowly, and editing out the pops I was able to produce a listenable rip. I applied a different filter to 3 different segments because of varied bed noise. This is audible, and one segment in the middle remains irretrievable.

The label says "Mother's Day May 4th 1951"  The speaker is a soldier in basic training.  He refers to his last letter, a car he got in Blacksville, a 10 hour-pass and his last $30.  There are eleven Blackburn's un the United states and I cant figure out which one has the closest or most-likely military base.  But his accent is southern, and according to him, he will visit home soon, whoever he is.