Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello Neighbor on KOA

For a series of years in the 1960s "Hello Neighbor" was carried on both radio station 850 KOA-AM and KOA-TV Channel 4.  Through it, KOA sponsored a community cookbook based on the call-in show. It ran 10:30 to noon Monday through Friday for most of it's existence. It had two hosts over those years. Host Merrie Lynn began in 1966 and was preceded by the original host Maxine Mulvey who did the program until 1962. Merrie stuck with the show for 10 years and ended up in the Colorado Broadcasting Hall of Fame. She also married a former governor of Colorado.She went on to have her own "Merrie Lynn Show" on KOA-TV. She is probably the same Merrie Lynn that was on 630 KHOW-AM prior to 1963 also in Denver.
 The cook books came out starting in 1960 and continued until about 1968. The one pictured above is from 1966.  The ones below from 1960, 1962, 1965 and 1967. The program began in about 1960, and was broadcast usually from the Elitch Gardens amusement park. It still exists but is somewhat modernized.  The show had guests including the unexpected like Charleton Heston. It wasn't exclusively about cooking, it was also about other household-related paraphernalia.
 The show ran until at least 1968 as there are no cook books that date after that. But other information puts the show as running until as late as 1974. Cooking shows are among the most poorly documented radio programs, so in these cases the most information we have is typically from the cook books they sponsored.