Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Voice-O-Graph Labelography

Voice-O-Graph discs are especially hard to date. Phonozoic skips them entirely which is a shame. Today I'll  get definitive about dates and types. Hopefully this can serve as a bit of a labelography for future use. Just as a warning, I'd also note that I frequently see random discs referred to as Voice-O-Graph Discs  —even in cases where neither the disc or the mailers ever have the Mutoscope branding. Below I describe, label, and date each type of Mutoscope made disc as fully as possible with all dates I've encountered. I will continue to update this post so it may be used for reference.

The International Mutoscope Corporation used different labeled blanks essentially everywhere, for the entire duration of their existence. The problem is that they existed concurrently, not purely consecutively. Their switch to 45 rpm is the only strong demarcation in manufacture. Some label types and colors are more rare than others. I've only ever seen one picture blue one, ever.  The Black Mutoscope seems to be a UK import.  The blue label image came from the Blog "Under Design." The red one from the Dull Tool Dim Bulb Blog. I have never seen either personally and assume that they are both very rare. I am also aware of a red half-circle design, but presently lack a high res image.

Black on Green: Years:1951, 1955

Blue on Blue: Year: 1948

Red on Yellow: Years: 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947

Black On Red: 1948

Red on Beige: 1946, 1948

Mutoscope Black Label: (45 rpm) Years????

Black on White (45 rpm) 1957, 1959

GEM Mutoscope Disc:Years: 1945?

Empire State Observations Mutoscope Disc: Partial post mark to 1953? Last digit unclear.  Patent Number 2600573 dates to 1946.