Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #82

This is a Wilcox-Gay Transcription Recordio disc and it's a weird one. It has some very bad patches on each side. I wasn't sure at first what the strange lightly blistered surface was from.  Then I notices the iron oxide red marks on the label. I think that this disc either got wet or was stored in a very humid place. I think the blisters are from oxidation where the laminate is separating from the aluminum core.  Ultimately most of it is playable and even listenable.  Phonozoic has little information on this label type only affirming that it is pre-1950.

The sides are not labeled in any way, not even as sides A and B. The sides have sermons by two different preachers. The first side is a sermon that opens with a gospel hymn, it somewhat dates the recording since it refers to WWII.  While it's possible that he objected to the 1939 German invasion of Poland, it's much more likely that it's after the American involvement in WWII in December of 1941. We paid a lot more attention to the war after Pearl Harbor. More interesting is a reference to Adolph Hitler around 2:35.
"...the chapter that is now closing upon the world is one of the most significant and possibly one of the most tragic in human history.  The demandings for the prophet, the true prophet who will concern himself not with a system but with truth, not with expediency but justice, not with autocracy but brotherhood.  The autocratic sway of capitol or labor is very largely a thing of the past and the real test of the Christianity of the future will be at the point of strength and skill in moral living.  It will have to do definitely with trade, laborers, and all social, national and international relations.  It will also deal with the relation of the individual to god and to his fellow man. ...There can be no peace where these principles do not obtain. Peace is a significant the though-provoking word in all languages. ..."  
It's eloquent, and I wish more of it was intelligible. It breaks up there and about 15 seconds later he mentions a treaty and Hitler. It's a damn shame I couldn't track better though that section. None of the other contents helped me date it any more precisely. I edited Side A and B onto the same audio file separated by four beeps.

The other preacher delivers a sermon over a very energetic piano and xylophone piece. I cant tell if it was meant as a deranged accompaniment or if one was recorded one over of the other.  The erratic volume makes me favor the latter. At 3:50 the volume jumps suddenly and the xylophone becomes much more clear.. but then the recording ends abruptly.