Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #59

This is a Duodisc transcription disc. It's double sided and each side has a short advertisement for a show on December 17th at Little Falls, NJ. Each is about 45 seconds. Both start at the outer edge and spin at 78 rpm. the disc is a tad bit bend so there's that telltale pop noise in the audio as the needle leaves the lacquer. Sorry about that.at least there was no flaking.

In this case the artist is clearly labeled. On one side It's the Bergen Crooners, on the other side is the Bergen male Chorus & Bops. I suspect that if they are not the same group they share members. There is no information online to indicate it's origin or the year it was made.I suspect it refers to Bergen county New Jersey as I found this disc not too far from there but I have no proof. Phonozoic gives the date of one Duodisc at 1948.  I'll date this one to late 40s early 50s on that notion. I wish I knew more. The group is surprisingly good.