Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fidelipac Fun #3

This Fidelipac was probably serviced on reel or LP and dubbed to cart. Here's the back story. The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) exists to promote radio advertising. In 1949, NAB organized the Broadcast Advertising Bureau (BAB) which would later split off RAB in 1955. The BAB / RAB split was probably in part due to the increasing competition between radio and TV ad budgets. For the record at the time NAB was still NARTB (National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters.)
King Size Bed:


Newspapers already had a Bureau of Advertising and NAB thought that radio and TV needed a similar PR service. They absorbed 30% of all NARTB dues at the time, I have no idea what the budget is like today.BAB became an independent organization from NARTB on April Fools day in 1951. They produced research about demographics, and listenership. They also promoted the virtues radio and TV advertising. One of the most common ways was running spots on the radio and TV.
Airplane Trip:

German Shepard:

On May 1985 hey launched a campaign called "I saw it on the Radio" which sold ad buyers on the visceral qualities of radio broadcasting. Jiffy Notes described it this way:
"The 'I Saw It on the Radio' campaign was designed to prove that radio advertising could create vivid images by engaging the listener's imagination. The campaign, which was created by Warwick, Baker O'Neill of New York and which first appeared in the mid-1980s, included print ads and four 60-second radio spots narrated by Jay Leno."