Friday, May 21, 2010

Album Network AAA Panel

Album Network was a trade magazine that no longer exists. They had a strong retail focus and had a number of charts. Album network Inc. was located in Burbank, CA. They began as an independent mag and slowly expanded to a set of trades called Urban network, A&R Network, Network 40 and Totally Adult. Clear Channel bought SFX Media in 2000 which included Album Network for about 30 million dollars from the owners Gary Bird, Eli Bird and Stephen Smith. Totally Adult was geared for Triple A a format most often abbreviated as AAA for Album Adult Alternative. The four names I remember in particular from their staff: Mark Cope, Yvette Ziraldo Oyabe, Mike Savage, and Charlie Prevost.

What set me off on this little post was this old mailing list. As I often do, I feel it pertinent to caveat this list by saying that it's at least 8 years old, out of date and from a chart that no longer exists in a magazine that no longer publishes. I share this not to cause any drama but because it's old enough that I now believe it no longer can.

You can download it:

They were named Trade Magazine of the year in 2001. Shortly there after trade magazines started folding up all over. the market just bottomed out on them for a number of reasons. Album Network ceased to exist by 2003. A number of other trade magazines folded in their wake. Later on Mark Cope ran the tip Sheet Street Pulse and I believe he's still there today. Yvette is twittering here. Mike Savage is currently in artist management. Charlie Prevost was at A&M records, I don't know if he still is.