Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1000 ways to say radio

There are 203 sovereign nations in the world. You can fudge that number either way a few digits depending on who your nation of origin does or does not formally recognize bu that's about right. I tried to cover at least all of the 30 most commonly spoken languages here but did miss a few. Punjabi, Javanese, Marathi, and Burmese. There are approximately 6,600 languages spoken in the world today, and almost all of them have a word for radio, since radio is truly heard everywhere.

Arabic: راديو
Bulgarian: Радио
Cantonese: Sau jam gei
Chinese: 收音机
Czech: rádio
Danish: radio
Dutch: radio
Estonian: raadio
Finnish: radio
French: radio
German: radio
Greek: Ραδιόφωνο
Hausa: rediyo
Hebrew: רדיו
Hindi: रेडियो
Hungarian: rádió
Italian: radio
Japanese: ラジオ〔無線〕
Kannada: aakaashavaaNi
Korean: 라디오
Maltese: radju
Norwegian: radio
Persian: راديو
Polish: radio
Portugese: rádio
Pashto: راديو
Romanian: radio
Russian: радио
Slovak: rádio
Spanish: radio
Serbian: radio
Swedish: radio
Tamil: வானொலி
Thai: วิทยุ
telugu: reeDiyoo
Turkish: Radyo
Ukranian: радіо
Urdu: ریڈیو
Vietnamese: đài phát thanh