Monday, July 20, 2009

WNYZ has a week to live!

It's a rare day that a commercial radio station does a fundraiser, even one on 87.74 MHz... How many commercial stations actually could survive on donations? WNYZ runs ads, they have a revenue source. The burden of proof is greater than that of any non-com. So I make the challenge to WNYZ to demonstrate the need.

Show me the math.

I want to know where the money is going. Less than a month ago The Pulse's CEO was making statements about future expansion. Was he delusional? The station's website now carries a message begging for cash. It reads as follows:
"...Pulse 87.7 is in a unique predicament. We have reached a crossroad where a decision has to be made. We have approximately 1 week left to be on air if we do not generate the funds to stay afloat. We are looking to you, our loyal listeners, to help us in any way, at any level to keep the Pulse alive."
My gut feeling is to let it die. WNYZ exists in a legal loophole wherein a LP-TV station has two very special permissions that other broadcasters do not. Both of these are temporary.
1: They broadcast in analog
2: They neglect their video signal to focus solely on FM radio listeners (They broadcast only color bars on the video side.)
At any time the FCC could put a stop to either. Funding or no funding, their days are numbered.