Friday, May 01, 2009

Jay Severin Suspended

I'll try not to dramatize this any more than it already is. Jay Severin is in a little trouble. It's pretty common for talk show hosts to say outlandish things. Howard Stern is often vulgar, Rush Limbaugh is often arrogant, John Kobyltat KFI is bigoted... but Severin went to a new place this week. You may have heard that on April 28th he said some very racist things and was suspended by WTKK indefinitely.

These things he said were excerpted and were quoted on the TV news. Like any quote that ends and begins and contains an ellipsis ... I assume it's been trimmed with some intent to construe it. To possibly make it worse than it is. Like any quote, it can just be out of context or it can be edited or presented in a misleading way. So I sought out context. Context made it worse.

I included here the whole unadulterated mic break from intro music to ending bumper. Judge for yourself. He said other things on other days that were smiliar, but this clip here is the big moment that got him in hot water.

Previously I'd known him as a libertarian leaning conservative. He was involved in MSNBC back in 2005, and worked on Pat Buchanans campain in 1996. He was a little left of Michael savage overall as a talk show host. this caught me off guard. Maybe it's the coffee, maybe it's the format... or maybe he's just a bigot.