Thursday, December 11, 2008

WAWL signs off

Yesterday at 5:01:34 91.5 FM WAWL signed off. They changed calls to WJBP on 11/28/08. Chattanooga State Technical Community College (CSTCC ) sold off the station to Family Life Radio Network.That deal was sealed last May. They are currently dark, FLN is due to launch their satellite fed christian programming January 2nd. This will be their 84th outlet in the U.S. The school sold the license for 1.5 million dollars.

University president James L. Catanzaro does not make his salary known to the public. But there has been a trend in University presidents making NBA-level salaries on the backs of students. Many make over half a million dollars a year. It's an MBA-style maneuver: enter the business, overpay yourself, layoff workers, sell off assets, cut corners, over-work staff, award yourself a bonus.. etc. It's all short money moves at the cost of long-term value.

I expect he's written himself a nice bonus this year. Catanzaro has made some sleazy moves in the past. As a political favor he fired a chemistry teacher that made complaints about illegal dumping. That firing earned CSTCC a $400,000 grant. Apparently this is not a new low for Catanzaro. He was fired from his former post at Triton Community College because of criminal charges leveled there.

I present to you here the last moments of WAWL on air. They live on for now as a webcast. (because of Divshare uncertainty I am also posting the audio to download on filebam HERE)