Monday, December 29, 2008

Ancient Radio ads

A pile of western pulp magazines came into my possession. So of course the first things I did was look for old radio ads on their crumbling yellow pages. They are mostly from 1948, but a couple may be a tag newer. I hit pay dirt. I'll post a few this week.

Today I'll start with a nice Motorola ad from the back page. It's on glossy paper and in color, unlike the others. PLEASE CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGE!Really before the Motorola models, car radios were converted household radios. These first "auto radios" were made in about 1930. A car radio had to endure interference from the spark plugs, and eliminate the battery.. In 1930 many household radios were still battery powered.
In 1948, when thsi ad ran, the hot new model would be the Model 408-23007.