Monday, October 27, 2008

Radio Lady O' Mine

This recording, “Radio Lady O’Mine” probably recorded in 1924 is a nice little Charleston number. It's almost 75 years old now, and is still a fine tune. I suppose writing about the radio then, is like people singing about the internet now.

In the above video the 78 rpm platter Perfect 12154B spins Frank Bessinger's version. It was recorded in August of 1924. Lou gold did his own version later that year on Cameo 6171171. Frank Bessinger is normally credited as the composer, the lyricist as SamC oslow, and/or Bernie Grossman. The arrangement on the Bessinger version is by Jeanne Gravelle. the Book American History in song dates the tune to 1920, but I can't find a contemporary version to confirm that.