Thursday, June 05, 2008

KORK 1340, 920

A glut of Radio stations followed the ascendancy of Bugsy Seigl in Las Vegas. Every Casino needed it's own radio stations or at least they thought they did in their mad drive to become bigger, more expensive and more over-the-top than everyone else. As the cost of land skyrocketed, radio had to get smarter to survive as more than a toy for the casino owners.

Take for example 1340 KORK-AM. It broadcast from the Hotel Thunderbird Casino. Both KORK and Channel 3 KLRJ-TV broadcast from the hotel. KLRJ was originally named for the Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper. It was bought and became KORK-TV but almost as quickly was sold off to become KVBC-TV channel 3.

KORK-AM moved the calls to 920 KORK-AM who kept the calls until 1997 when they became KBAD-AM. KORK-AM was running adult standards a format that lives in the Las Vegas market on at KJUL-AM these days.

The original 1340 stick continues on as KRLV-AM these days a regional Mexican outlet.For a time in the 1970 s 97.1 KORK-FM also was a part of the KORK family. It was an easy Listening station. They dropped the calls in 1983 to become KEER. They changed calls and formats and brands frequently. These days it's KXPT, a classic rock station. I think Ted Quillin was on the air at every one of those sticks.