Monday, May 26, 2008

Hoopers Madhouse

I bought a lot of 78s as I sometimes do. Occasionally I find a transcription disc. This one is the best ever. It's recorded to a Federal Perma Disk. these help up well. many "unreleased" recording of the Ink spots, the Mills Brothers, Al Jolsen and Louie Armstrong came off these .

It's a letter home but it's in the format of a radio show titled "Hooper's Madhouse" It was recorded July 24th 1944. The recording engineer is "R. Hooper" and probably also the host. He says he broadcasting to California.. where I assume this was mailed. My only other clue other than family names is that the mother "Evelyn" says warshing instead of washing. It's not strong, but it's there. Clearly mid-western. But she also says Y'all.

He has a decent intro and even a pretty good singing voice. I struggled a bit with Side A and there are a couple un-navigable skips in the first few seconds it clears up. I also included this non-contiguous section of him fumbling with the machine at the end of Side A. Side B has much better tracking in my rip.