Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WJHC in Comics

As far as I know, there has never been a real WJHC, not an AM not an FM nada.

But Jane Smith Fisher envisioned one. She writes wholesome , non-violent, non-sexual totally nonthreatening comic books for little kids. Yes these are safe for any child no matter how sheltered. The case of characters is multi-ethnic and the leads are all female. Very PC, but in radio, we'll take whatever press we can get.

But radio is not trendy with the kids. So the fans of the series are more interested in the characters than the whole radio theme. In an interview with Comics bulletin Jane admitted
CB: To date, have you heard that any of the readership has been inspired get involved or possibly even start a radio or TV station at their school?

JSF: I haven't heard about any new radio or TV stations, but I've heard about budding comic book readers and writers. I love when kids tell me about the comics they're now writing.
The graphic novel "on the air" tells the story of the station. And despite the schlock there's a trueness to some of the radio caricatures. The bad programmers, the hack DJS, the talented DJ, the pros, the over-involved faculty... Nowhere does Jane cop to having worked in radio but the players are all too true.