Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Strangeness in Columbus

As I was in the midwest again against my will, I scanned the radio dial. I found a new station in Columbus. I have read about WHKC in the past. They're re-using the heritage calls that used to reside 610 AM, now WTVN-AM Columbus. They've been on air for less than a year and the rumor is that they will flip to Christian talk after xmas.

But since then there's been a series of oddities. There are no DJs, and while that's typical of sat-fed chritian stations, it's not for 80s stations. Instead it just runs a set of IDs some legal, some not. (I understand they're all legit now) What get's me is that instead of a produced generic ID, they use an oddly robotic, female voice who sometimes refers to herself in the third person as "Chelsea." Knowing that the owner named the station for his wife.. I suspect that's who Chelsea is.
In September they dropped their 80s/CHR mix and went Christian Con. But why all the intereim steps? Why the robo-ID? such a strange way to treat such a clear downtown signal. As is typical Ohio Media Watch is the place to go for the info.