Thursday, October 11, 2007

Read this damn article!

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Ok so Ian Rogers sees himself at the center of things a bit more than he should. But he he knows the areana. He runs Yahoo! Music and used to run and I agree with most of what he said. But in truth many of us saw this wave coming. When I was working for an indie label back in the 90s I suggested that we put our out-of-print back catalog online for download, art and all. Set it up to pay by credit card. It'd be pure-profit since the record was doing nothing for us except become a more valulabel catalog peice. ...and if we did it right, we'd have done it first and we'd set the standards.

We didnt' do it. But at the time, bandwidth and storage being expensive and scarce, I sort of understand the decision. However, none of that excused the goddamnned fruitless and arrogant obstructionism of the record industry; trying stop the inevitable. They thought too much of themselves and tried to resist the force change. And on that topic I'll just Quote David Milch "Change ain't looking for friends... change calls the tune we dance to."

I'll just quote this bit of the article:
"...eight years later, Amazon’s finally done what was clearly the right solution in 1999. Music in the format that people actually want it in, with a Web-based experience that’s simple and works with any device. I bought tracks from Amazon, downloaded them, sync’d them to my new iPo Nano, and had them playing in my home audio system (Control 4) in less than five minutes. PRAISE JESUS. It only took 8 years. "