Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Radio Waves = POWER

Yes, media can quickly disseminate information, and that makes radio powerful.. But in this context I mean actual power. As in the electricity that powers everything. Video here.

In Erie Pensylvania a cancer researcher named John Kanzius found a way to burn salt water. He was actually trying to desalinate the seawater with a RF generator. What happened is that the radio frequencies made the seawater flammable. H2O is very stable normally. It's been discussed as a source of hydrogen fuel, but that H is strongly bonded to those two Os. It turns out that the application of radio waves frees the hydrogen. This of course raises the possibility that salt water.. one of the most abundant things on Earth as a fuel.

Kanzius' work was verified by Rustum Roy, a Penn State University chemistto confirm the observations. They are out hunting funding as we speak. test are still needed to determine how much power is consumed vs. produced. the reaction is 4(Na+) + (O2) => 2Na2O or (Na+) + (O^2-) => Na2O (hence the yellow flame) the 2nd law of thermodynamics tells us this should not have a net gain, but that dosent mean it's useless either.