Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dance Dance Revelation

I caught a killer program on KDVS last week. The mysterious DJ Woosley spins a mix of electro clash, synth pop and gheto tech that all blends in a way I've not heard before. His playlists note clearly that it's all music from his own collection. His taste is impeccable even if his mic breaks are spent mumbing artist and song titles.
But dance programming on radio is normally more dull than Fox News. This playlist is interesting and varied but still maintains a continuity that many professional programmers simply cant manage even with a team of consultants, and a stack of airplay data.

Here's about an hour of a Program chopped into tiny bite-sized peices for your listening pleasure:

Part 1 *audio expired*
Part 2 *audio expired*
part 3 *audio expired*
part 4 *audio expired*