Monday, August 27, 2007

175 hours on air!

I'll make this quick. DJ Johnny Walker has returned the glory of the Disc Jockey endurance record to America. On August 13th at WUAG he completed 175 hours on air a new world's record. More here:

Under the Guinness rules, to count as a continuous broadcast, a talent can only take one five-minute break per hour; no song played can be longer than six minutes; during interviews, the broadcaster must speak at least once per minute; and the entire process must be recorded and videotaped.

Previous record holders include:
Stefano Venneri BBSI Radio 125 hours 2006
Robin Vember Rhodes Music Radio 126 hours in 2006
Suresh Joachim Tamil Radio 120 hours 2003
Glen Jones WFMU 100 hours in 2001
Greg Daines Radio Chelmsford 73 hours in 2001
Simon Mayo BBC Radio1 37 hours in 1999