Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Annoying Music Show

This is a one of a kind music program brought to us by our good buddies at WBEZ and syndicated via NPR. More here.

They dont play novelty songs, dont play the meowing cats xmas album. It's not like Dr. Demento. It's all about the culturally banal music that surrounds us. Bad funeral soloists, dead serious but atrocious polka covers of 1980s new wave hits. It's music that commits cultural sacrilege against our forebearers.

The Annoying Music Show presents the most awful music ever recorded and is now heard on National Public Radio stations across the U.S. Its flagship station is Chicago Public Radio.
Host and producer Jim Nayder vows that no annoying music is tested on animals just on WBEZ listeners.

How annoying is it? I mean it's actually aired in a major metropolitain area on a big flagship public radio affiliate. Well they play Jerry Lewis on purpose and that's proof enough for me. the insidiously annoying program has persisted long enough to produce 4 CDs of pain-producing music. Click here if you dare.