Monday, April 16, 2007

Free Speech, Racism and Radio

Hal Turner isn't a run-of-the-mill bigot. He's really a flaming shitheel of racist redneck throwback to previous century. I was surprised how human he looked in his head shot. I expected the slouched posture, pronounced forehead, and hairy palms. But try as I may to write-off all racists as neanderthals... I can't. Some are perfectly intelligent, they were just indoctrinated as children and never became worldly enough, well read enough or educated enough to realize that mom dad or that weird uncle might have been wrong about a few things. i.e. moonshine, black people and Jews.

But this isn't a blog about idiots I disagree with. It's a blog about radio. God help us, but Hal has a radio show. Most stations won't carry it because he encourages violence against minorities regularly, but he's got a few. I'm told he has been carried on 60 stations, but nobody can furnish me a list. I have verified that shortwave station WBCQ in Maine has in the past carried The Hal Turner Show.

There are only 16 privately owned shortwave radio stations in the United States and most of them sell airtime. And that's what it took to get Hal on the air. He has to pay for it. The radio equivalent of a John.

WBCQ is willing to do this because of the big loop hole in the center of liberal reasoning. Allan Weiner, it's owner is a free speech advocate. In the spirit of the 60s the airwaves he really believes that the airwaves should be open to all who want to use them, and the world is a better place because of it. In 1997 his book Access to the Airwaves, was touted as a brilliant memoir, of both pirate radio, free speech and free thinking. But how could Allan Get along with a man who said
"Imagine there's no homos. I hate those little fudge-packin' nancy-boy pricks; Manolo, every time I see one, I wanna beat him in the friggin' head..."
Well he doesn't. Allan is pretty blunt that he doesn't like Hal's show. And that Hal has been on probation a few times for trying to incite violence among other transgressions. He said himself "Hal does know that I am upset with his program." I don't know why Hal is gone... but I expect that it has something to do with another house rule... "WBCQ Radio shall not broadcast any speech which incites hatred" ... or likely to lead to physical harm.

Here's a little clip of Hal spouting off: