Monday, February 05, 2007

The Biggest Little City

Or so they say...
The rental car agency, in a fit of strange humor rented me a white 2007 Mustang instead of the Grand Prix I requested. The auto fits in better in this weirdly country city. Althought the antennas and hardware do not fit at all well in the goddamned gas-guzzling 2-door muscle machine... Anyway, the presets on the car radio were all to country stations or static except one. 105.7 KOZZ.

A station that any other day of the week, any other hour of they day would have bored me to tears was at that hour of the day running the Doctor Demento show. the man is a modern day Count Saint Germain seeming to live forever. His program has been running for more than 4 decades now, having spawned compilation albums, and even the careers of various novelty artists.

About 100 stations carry his program, I dont know what onces since he refusees to post them on his site mysteriously... The fine Doctor beggan his career not all that far from here on 106.7 KPPC back in 1970 while working Los Angeles. [KPPC is known as KROQ these days]

I stopped by a small guitar shop on 6th Street and head about some local color and the fine manufacture of a through-neck guitar. There is no community radio station in Reno, there are two NPR outlets KUNR and KKTO but both are talk heavy. A few miles away in Truckee, CA a repeater on 105.1 called K286AN-FM brings the eclectic KVMR tantalizingly close to Reno.
But these people want to change that, and good luck to them.

I wandered away from the casinos.. or I thought I did I keep finding more. they damn things are everywhere. There are slot machines in the damn grocery store. But in this wandering I found a nice eclectic music shop; The Antique Rocker on 454 Washington Street. They had a great collection of steel guitars, random LPs, and discount mandolins. behind the counter mixed in with the guitar strings was a random mutoscope disc... just sitting there. Well worth a visit.