Monday, January 01, 2007

01.01.07 User Stats

So while all of you are reading these short radio-centric articles, I am studying not just radio history to write them, but also you readers. I check my user stats pretty regularly.
June 2006 was my busiest month, immediately followed by this very December. At first I thought I'd written better stuff in those weeks. But upon examining the referring URLs I think it's more likely that Google has been randomly referring more physics students to me as a resource due to my more recent long-form articles. Those searches are for the names of engineers, amateur physicists and R&D men. The radio for these readers is probaby incidental. It is comforting thogh that these new readers dwell a little. The number of pages they read has increased steadily. I'm sure it helps I spend more time spell-checking these days lending a more professional and more credible allure to my research. [regardless of the varied quality level] see below.

Regular posting continues tomorrow an onward. ...and note to the physicts students. Check my work, it's not just my spelling that needs help.