Saturday, October 14, 2006


In response to the number one thing I am actually asked for, I am making a list of 10 Radio Trivia Questions. I am posting the questions today, and and answers next Friday. The week between I will spend on the road with the usual intermittent internet access.

The 5 readers to respond with the most right answers (or the first 5 readers to respond with all 10 correct answers) is the winner of the mix CD that I will take with me on the drive to North Carolina. It's a 6 hour drive to this particular corner and be assured that only a damn fine ELECTRIC COUNTRY BLUES MIX CD can be played on infinite repeat. As usual, submissions should be emailed to that42 at hotmail dot com.

*Hint: All answers can be found in the posts of this blog.

1. What radio station in the U.S. currently has the largest coverage area over land?

2. What U.S. Radio station has the facility ID 666?

3. Name any two of the five most powerful (highest wattage) U.S. radio stations.

4. Name any radio station owned by the YMCA.

5. Name two Class D radio stations still active today.

6. Name me two of the three "green-powered" radio stations in the U.S. (hydroelectric, solar and wind-powered)

7. Where did the most powerful transmission originate?

8. What do the call letters WNBS stand for?

9. What radio man discovered that a 325 grain, .375 H&H Magnum will penetrate 73 carts?

10. What public radio station experimented with multicasting 11 channels in (IBOC) HD?