Wednesday, August 16, 2006

...and a DJ at gunpoint

This one is a tad arcane. I cant find the call letters, so add salt where needed. If anyone can fill in the details let me know.

After the release of their fourth album, "Strangeways Here We Come", the Smiths made a controversial move to major label EMI in 1987, upsetting their more indie paste-eating fans. The major label money exerted pressures on the band members and eventually after the release of their 10th album, they split.

It was in that year "a distressed young man" in Denver, Colorado, walked into his local radio station and took the Disc Jockey and other staff hostage. He insisted, at gunpoint, that they play nothing but Smiths records. This Smiths-a-thon lasted for over four hours.

The people of Denver were at first confused, and slowly became depressed by the power of the Smiths. they dyed their hair black in great numbers some even becoming goth overnight. People suffered seizures. Somewhere in time Arbitron noticed a subtle shift in TSL. Eventually, the police arrived and persuaded the unhappy young man to wash off his makeup and give himself up. The story  is cited in numerous places but I've found no versions that date prior to 2003 which brings it's veracity into question.

Regardless, Morrissey decided to embark hastily on a solo career.