Monday, June 05, 2006

Stupid DJ Tricks PART1

This week will be a series of posts about the most amazingly destructive and/or stupid things that any American DJ has ever done. When I began my research, even I gew amazed at some of these. what is more amazing is that the absolutely "best" ones didnt' occurr in america and I feel I have to exclude those for a later post.
Todays post is about a pair of DJs that managed to cause a riot on April 1, 2003. It was april fools day and a dangerous day to beleive a DJ. Minnesota Radio personalities, Troy Shannon and Riggs from 98.1 WWJO thought it would be a funny prank to broadcast a fake concert announcement for Eminem.

So they announced on their show that multi-platinum selling rapper "Eminem" would be appearing for a free concert on the lot of the Brainerd Rd. 'Big Lots.' Hundreds of people left work and kids even left school early to see the advertised concert. It caused city-wide gridlock that prompted dozens of emergency calls. The police contacted WWJO at 9:30 AM that day and asked them to call off the gag. They did not relent. Then hours later at infront of the crowd, at the height of anticipation, the Djs broke the news that Eminem was not coming, that it was a joke. Boy that pissed 'em off. The police were also needed to protect the DJs from their hundreds of enraged listeners, who at one point surrounded the patrol car they were in and beat on the windows trying to get at them, police said. It took 13 police cars to disperse the rioters.

Troy Shannon and Riggs were both charged with disorderly conduct for creating a public nuisance.