Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Flight Service Station

A Flight Service Station (FSS) is air traffic radio station that provides pilot information regardingg weather and possible hazards along flight route. When researching this try not to confuse it with the other FSS (Fixed satellite System) It's kind of like traffic information radio for air travel. an AFSS is an Automated Flight Service Station. 58 are automated.

But an FSS may also give communication services and Visual flight rules search and even rescue assistance to the plane in flight. FSS also relay Air traffic control clearances, creating Notice to Airmen, receive Instrument flight rules, flight plans and monitor Navigation Aids. More here

This page contains a roster of all existing Radio and Flight Service facilities between 1920 and 1978. Information provided below was published in the "Airways" - End of Seat-of-the-Pants Flying, by H. Dale Heister and published in 1978. Click here.

Your nearest FSS can be found by telephone with the number 1-800-WX-BRIEF (992-7433). pilot en route may also hail a FSS using the common frequency of 122.2 MHz. Every station has its own discrete frequency, generally between 122.3 and 122.6 MHz, so two stations aren't picking up the same pilot.