Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Political Propaganda of Radio

I found this fascinating article. they make some bald assertions, but the content is interesting. take care in reading, for it is certainly propaganda.... but there is some signifigance to it.

"American liberals are largely unexposed to the barrage of AM commercial radio programming. This is a tragedy of epic proportions because AM is a territory where they can find some of their nearest and dearest ideals systematically destroyed and replaced by a new anti-democratic ideology. Right-wing, liberal-bashing talk radio is one of the most popular kinds of entertainment available today, and Liberals tune it out at their own expense. Maybe out of preference for balanced, documentary programming, live talk radio is unfairly ignored by the liberal media menu altogether. Could it be that this has, in part, permitted the New Right to claim some vast propagandistic territory won by opportunistic political positioning-and-maneuvering? Perhaps, from the liberal perspective, AM operates secretly and behind the back of level-headed, well-educated professional elites."

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