Thursday, February 23, 2006


A translator is just like a weak radio station. It serves a relatively small area but creates interference over a wide area. This poor service-to-interference ratio, which can be mathematically demonstrated, is the key reason that the FCC killed the Class D permits in 1980. It is irresponsible and downright irrational that they continue to issue these kind of translator permits in major metropolitan areas at all.

88.9 KXLU is a 2800 watt college tation in Los angeles Califorina. KTLW is a christian station in the same market. They should co-exist peacably except that KTLW snuck a 10 watt repeater(K205EP) into the protected contour of KXLU. The repeater is a licensed, though there are pretty legitamate accusations that it is running over its permited ERP.

Complaints have been coming in from listeners since the repeater powered on from several areas of Los Angeles that KTLW in Lancaster is bleeding into KXLU. It has even been suggested that they've also illegally installed other repeaters that are cutting out KXLU's signal. Other stations impeded by this translator are KVCR, and KCSB.

KXLU has been filing all the right paperwork but as always, progress is slow. They've been filing for over a year now.

The KTLW translator was first filed for in 1998, going live in 2001. KXLU did not file a brief against it, but lots of non-coms do not have the staff or money to be as vigilant as they should be. Of course this means they can end up spending ten times that ammount later in defense of their contour. alternately their coverage can just recede continually.

KXLU did begin defending themselves thankfully.
CA BLFT-20051024AAF K205EP 93751 LIFE ON THE WAY COMMUNICATIONS, INC. License to cover BPFT-20051024AAF E 88.9 MHZ LA CANADA, CA Interference complaint received from Loyola Marymount University (KXLU) on 10/11/2005

KTLW has 13 other translators, each causing its own brand of trouble, in other cities. Some of these are as far away as Guymon Oklahoma, and Juneau, Alaska. How can they have translators thousands of miles away? Well there's no good reason for that either. list here: They represent the Life on the Way network which is just another peice of the massive multi-national Moody broadcasting network.