Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Orlando and points south

Orlando is home to Rollins College 91.5 WPRK a modest 1300 watts and not much else. Were it not for the depressing flatness of Florida PRK wouldn't be audible outside their city limits. By comparison Tampa's 88.5 WMNF reaches deep into the neighboring markets of Lakeland-Winterhaven, Sarasota, and even Sebring.

Of course Orlando has about a dozen theme parks so who needs radio right? Well Disney world does. They use up an incredible number of frequencies under a very special contract with the state of Florida. Disney runs their own fire, and police departments that operate as quasi legal agencies within their property. Everything is radio interfaced, float mics, security, audio greetings, stunt technicians, transportation carts, maintenance, janitorial services etc.
and speaking of that, here are some of their codes:

100 - Delayed opening
101 - Attraction is Down - Routine
102 - Attraction is up - Routine
104 - Attraction is operating at reduced capacity
105 - Attraction is operating at full capacity
902 - Traffic Accident
904 - Fire
90 - Temperature has reached 90°, loosen clothing
P,XX - VIP importance where P stands for Priority... and the x's indicate importance.
Code "V" vomit
Code "P","U" Urine
Code "H" horse crap

So were you to jam KUL486 on the frequency of 464.625 and announce "PXXX, 904, Code H, V and P, you could shut down epcot center. hypothetically. For the record, I am not encouraging anyone. This is generally a bad idea to antagonize anyone with as much money as Disney. More here.